Saturday, March 27, 2010

Episode 3 (Things that Should be Uninvented)

Cars – I am adding cars to my list of things that should be outlawed or uninvented (I may have already added it, but since I keep the list only in my head, I am never really sure what is on it).

I should probably start by explaining the list. It is a list of things that should be outlawed or uninvented. From what I can recall today, the current list includes phones and computers.

In any case, last night in the garage, we discovered a little puddle of what appeared to be coolant…both cars have now had extensive work done on the cooling systems and I am not sure what else is left to go wrong in there, but apparently there is something.

The real problem is my car expertise does not extend much past the programmable driver settings dealybobber. If cars can’t be outlawed, they should all be required to have that feature so you can return the seats, mirrors, and steering wheel to their proper settings after the dealership folks mess them all up just to drive the car into the shop. Those settings take days to get just right. Where was I? Ah yes, the result of the “real problem” is I have this unshakeable feeling I am getting snookered every time I take my car in, and I have no way of knowing. The mechanics tell what is wrong using words I have never heard before and I am too manly to ask what they mean, so I just nod and hand over the money...the money for vacation, the money for a motorcycle, the money for the kids’ education, the lunch money, the spare change…until the mechanics tire of making up words.

It’s the same thing at the doctor’s office, but the words sound much scarier.

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