Saturday, May 3, 2014

Episode 70: Education Revolution

Picture yourself in a second grade classroom. There are 20 or so students trying to make the most of their public education experience and one student causing a massive disruption by yelling at the teacher, refusing to do his work, throwing things, and whatever other disruptive behavior an elementary brain can conceive.

Many of you reading this probably cannot picture that because it would not have happened when you were in second grade. When you were in second grade, the teacher, or perhaps even the principle, would have grabbed that one disruptive student by the scruff of the neck, or the short hairs, or the arm and marched him down to the office where he would have had to wait for his parents to come take him home, where he would likely face additional discipline for the purpose of ensuring he would learn to behave like a human child given the privilege of an opportunity at an education.

Today's classrooms may as well be on the moon for how differently they function under the infallibly defective guidance of what could only be the product of federal government oversight of very local affairs coupled with the fear of completely illogical, irrational, and unfounded lawsuits.

I have heard multiple accounts of similar incidents in today's classrooms, where the 20 or so studious students vacate the classroom so the one student can be alone with his misbehavior until it has run its course. Good heavens, we wouldn't want the child to think he had actually done something wrong. What kind of damage might that do to his fragile self esteem? And we cannot possibly lay hands on such a child to get him to comply. We don't want him to feel as powerless as the teachers do we?

Let's apply this lesson to life as adults. This would be akin to a peaceful and law-abiding family awakening to a burglar in the house and rather than calling the police to come and drag the crim off to jail, they politely offer to leave the house until the burglar has finished whatever he would like to do in their house.

Yes, it is exactly that ridiculous.

Thank you, Big Brother, for working to standardize our education system and ensure all those ridiculous people who believe there are such things as teachers don't get the crazy idea they might actually be able to come up with creative and effective ways to educate our youth if we just let them get to it, and for turning public schools into juvenile detention centers actually run by the juvenile delinquents. We will have the next great society in no time.

I am sure there is no better way to do this whole education thing, but just for giggles, how about we go back to the old drawing board and toss out some ideas. There are no bad ideas...excepting, of course, any idea that should happen to claw its way out of the black hole in the fabric of logic that is the Federal Government.