Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Episode 76: Things I Don't Understand

There are lots of things I just don't understand. In fact, the longer I live, the more things I don't understand. As I was putting a CD on iTunes the other day I came across a hidden track. (Don't get distracted by the fact that I am still putting CDs on iTunes. It's still a thing.) What the heck was the point of hiding a track on a cd? Don't you want people to hear your music? Why would you make someone listen to 10 minutes of dead air before getting to a hidden song? It's a moot point now, what with CDs going extinct, but I still don't get it.

Social media is full of mystery to me. It's not that I don't understand how it all works, that's the simple part. You have something to say or to show so you post it for all the world to see. The part I don't understand is what people choose to post. Sometimes people post private (at least they seem private to me) heart-felt messages to family members or friends. That's a little like writing love letters on billboards instead of leaving them on your lover's pillow, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable, like I accidentally found a letter that should have been left on someone's pillow. Those letters are fine to share when some intrepid youngster finds them in an attic 100 years from now, when we're all dead. It's just awkward now, when we're all alive.

I don't understand warning labels, or really I suppose I don't understand how people could possibly need some of the warning labels I see. I bought a windshield sun shade, the folding silver kind that you put in your windshield to keep the sun from melting the inside of your car. It had a warning not to use it while driving. Really? Someone has tried that? I hope they at least cut eye holes in it.

Man wipes. I don't even know what to say. Wet wipes or antibacterial wipes are not specific enough, or are too feminine? On the one hand there is an increasing trend toward removing all reference to gender because people are increasingly offended by gender-specific language. On the other hand, we also now have man wipes. 

It's all so very confusing. People are confusing.